Friday, April 19, 2002

more on germany

Things I..

Hate: Everyone Smokes here.. they start in like, 5th grade..

Like: The green party is in control somewhat, people recycle, and like, no one litters.

Hate: Just like america, everyone follows the latest pop music (often american)
Like: The german pop music seems to be TECHNO!! YAY TECHNO!!

Find Weird: The family I am staying in prays before dinner, then constantly swears. like, nicely though. I don’t think they have the same attitude about swears here.

Like: no one cares about nudity, nudity is fine on TV, etc.

Don’t really like: Everything is sold with nudity, society is really sexist.

Like: there are a lot of cute girls here, and today I saw a girl with glasses and short blonde hair that is back like it was being blown in REALLY strong wind, reading TOLKEIN IN ENGLISH!! I said to her ‘good book’ and she nodded and smiled at me, but then I had to get off the train… damn, sooo cuute.. just goe4s to show, halfway around the world.. I CAN STILL MISS CHANCES I spent a half an hour train ride wondering if i should say something to her too…

Hate: a lot of german girls are like, addicted to tanning cream. It looks like crap, too. I like more ‘pale’ anyway.. this one girl in school looked really cute one day, the next day came in with the shittiest fake tan. such crap.

Like: Everyone loves chocolate. I love chocolate.


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Monday, April 15, 2002

I like crepes.


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Friday, April 12, 2002

Update from Germanz!!

er, that should saz GermanY but the z kez is where the y kez should be and it screws mz mad touch tzping skilly up. anzwaz, todaz was good… although it still feels like zesterdaz. We had a four hour bus ride to boston air port, then waited two hours before cathing the plane. The trip was cool, I sat near a german girl who was coloring in a colorong book and listening to techno. I thought wthat was reallz cute and realz cool. She was like 20 or something, and coloring in a kid’s coloring book. And I sat next to Tex’s sister, no kidding.

The movie was Harrz Potter and the stone of knowledge (it was badlz translated, so thats what the german title was) and I watched part in german (even though there was an english option) and then gave up and listened to music and read mz Orson Scott Card book: Shadow Of the Hedgemon (or something like that). so after the seven hour plane ride to frankfurt, we waited two more hours then got on a plane to Koln. that was like, a half an hour, then we met our people.

Miri is cool, she is not reallz as hzper as the fact that she puts 20 exclamation marks after each sentence would implz. In fact she isn’t hzper at all. Anzwaz, we get along, which is good, and I went home with her mom and her. I havent slept for sooooo long.. ok, thats about it, good news is I can keep people updated at home even though I am in germanz.

Bze for now!

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Monday, April 1, 2002

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Me: …help…

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