Thursday, September 12, 2002

Well… My school day was sort of crap, especially the last period. The Marketing Management teacher is HORRIBLE! I decided to drop the class mid period… its a shame, I actually want to take the class…but she is soo bad.

Anyway, 2 people recognised me as spike. I am not including people that I am on a first name basis with, these people I hardly know. I have seen them around, but thats cool. It pisses me off as many of the people that are my ‘freinds’ put me down for wearing the costume, acting like I was a loser. Right… Well.. making a fool of myself to advertise my club is acceptable. I did like the looks people who didn’t know me gave me, that was amusing, lol, but it made me feel bad when people I thought I was on a good basis with are asses. I mean, sports teams wear all kinds of crazy shit on their meet days, to show team spirit. There is nothing different about this.

Ok, the actuall club went pretty well.. I guess… I was feeling deppressed because of E period. There were 7 girls and 31 guys who showed up, including me. That ratio is annoying -_-
Everyone stayed for the two episodes of cowboy bebop.. but about 7 people left at 3:30, and didn’t stay for excel saga or bubblegum Crisis. It pisses me off, because I know they would like at least excel saga. They just didn’t seem ot be interested in anything new. From now on, I show the popular anime at the end of the club, so they have to stay the whole time, damnit. Anyway, I had to leave before the end of the excel ep, then I went to work… bleh, on job training ends tommorow…

In good news, the company that owns US distribution rights for Grave of the Fireflies promised not to take legal action if I show it as a fundraiser. Score! I will start setting up using the school auditorium and a projector to show that tommorow. Any suggestions for the date? Wanna come by and see it? lol

posted by Een at 2:47 pm