Friday, March 30, 2007

I tend to take pictures of my assistants on shoots.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here are 16 shots from a roll of 120 slide film. This was a film test I shot in winter quarter last year.
I walked around with my Mamiya and just snapped shots of the first 16 people I saw.
Well, that said it was ok to take their picture, anyway. Not at all amazing work, but sort of fun to look at.
The color isn’t exact, because it’s scanned, but the point was to just see how the film looked
under different conditions with different skin tones.

Do you want to know how many shots I have in my shoots folder?

I’ll tell you how many shots I have in my shoots folder.

Just in the past 3 months, including digital raw files and film scans, there are about 14,000 files.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Here are some long exposures I did the day after I got my rolleicord, a long time ago. They’re all handheld on kodak NC, not sure what speed.

I’ve got about 28 days of older stuff to post. I’m working on scanning the NYC stuff now.
I’ve got about 5 boxes of polaroid film and 10 rolls of 120 to go through.
I’ve also got quite a few days of savannah polaroid and 120 sitting around that needs to be scanned.
And some pictures I just shot of Zachariah. You’ll be seeing a lot of show, party, and event stuff up here as well, soon.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Posted three polaroids from my batshit nuts trip over spring break on myspace.
I don’t have that many pictures of me, but all the other ones should be online next week. I took a lot of polaroids and rolleicord pictures.

pic 1 – molly shot of me eating at hardees on the first stretch up to dc
pic 2 – rin took of me on the greyhound bus on the way to northampton
I count those two as self portraits I guess, I set the camera but there is no way to click it myself.
pic 3 (above) – last night in brooklyn, shot by eve at sinead’s apartment.. some girls’ birthday party.
She kept asking me to look intense, or fierce or something, and I was cracking up. but she got that one.

I think I might have spent every night in a different state, except for two in a row in ny.

I’ve got an apartment in harlem for the summer, going to be splitting a room with rin.

bed+shower+myowncomputer+86degrees in savannah+bethandzachariahgreetingmeatthetrain=lovelovelovelove

starting tomorrow the photoblog will be updated again, daily.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

here is dez

I’m in Washington DC tonight.
I’m in Amherst MA tomorrow.
I’m in New York City on wed.

I’ll see all of you next sunday!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello Prof Gamber’s class (in class critique)!

I just finished the final touches on my website (click)!

Added several images to Color portfolio (and reorganized the entire portfolio)
Added one image to the Sketchbook portfolio.
Added several items to the resume and bio.


Also, for those of you who don’t have a livejournal
and cannot read my friends only entries

I will be in Noho, MA from the 19th-22nd
and New York City from the 22nd-26th

And Israel from July 5th-July 17th!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yes! I love it when something you think sucks ends up being amazing in someone elses eyes.

Especially when they’re the judge of something.

So at the end of this quarter we all had to bring in our pinhole cameras (which was the first time I’ve ever made one, and seriously it’s a cardboard box with two holes in it for film holders, covered in ductape, and wrapped in a sheet (well, a sheet made out of blackout cloth). It’s designed to make a panoramic image from two 4x5s.

Anyway, I finally got some ok images out of it, still very blurry (which you might not be able to see in the jpgs, but was very obvious in the 13×19 (times two) prints. I spent all night working on them, scanning the 4x5s, and retouching them because they seemed to have huge scratches all over them.

I put the prints up today, exaughsted and pretty sure they were crap, and after the judge goes all around and talks to us about all of our cameras, she says

“Well, the best camera and prints combination obviously goes to.. Ian.”

and I practically fell over. I did not see that coming.

Apparently she really liked this landscape.

So I get an original large Craig Stevens print of my choice. (value: over 1,000 dollars) as prize.
What a sweet way to end the quarter! (and kick start my small art collection, which was starting to stagnate)

Anyway, I gave her the original prints of the one she liked (I was just going to toss them probably, haha).

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

oh here’s another photo of dave I found.

Two more days in the quarter.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Here are a few snapshots from a session of my portrait class, outside in some garden near bergen.

Michael always hams it up for the camera.

Setting up a strobe for a fill light.


I’m not sure why I like this image so much. Like/scared of it.

Pete Christman.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here’s a cross processed shot of Dave from a long time ago.

I’ve got 10 rolls of 120 to drop off tomorrow for processing.
I need the new quarter and my finances figured out so bad.

I may be going up north for spring break though,
which is going to give me very little time to actually figure out my finances.

I can’t find my copy of quicken. bleh.

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