Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

Here’s hoping to good health, high motivation, and intensity of (positive) emotion in the new year.

My classes are up for next quarter today, it seems like they will all be small. Both photo classes have ten or less people in them, and my philosophy class doesn’t have much more. It’s possible it will be a really good quarter, work wise. It’s my first quarter without foundations and it feels like I’m over the hump, it’s downhill from here and I have to start seriously thinking about the future.

It snowed this morning in massachusetts and I woke up to ella singing georgia on my mind. I can’t wait to be back home. It doesn’t feel right ushering in the new year here.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I just got back from NYC. Visiting family and friends there was surprisingly pleasant.
I shot several rolls of film of octogenarian relations and lawn furniture in basements.

The lady in the picture above is not one of them, obviously, seeing as it takes a little bit to get film online, this is just another picture from Amherst that I supposed was fitting enough.

I threw my back out a few days ago and had to have an emergency chiropractor visit (at the urging of my father) which wasn’t horrible and I was at least able to move this weekend. It’s still horribly sore though. Last time this happened my only option was the roommate assisted home vodka cure and this time my dad told me to take a vicoden – my prescription for the oral surgery still being in effect – as soon as it happened. I’m afraid I’m not very good at dealing with physical pain. On the upside, I’ve managed to avoid actually becoming reliant on any substances.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

living in this world,
even slightly awake,
how could my life be
about pretty pictures?

are all my recent images about loneliness?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From a house I was working in, forgot exactly where, some place in south amherst, mass.

Oh, so Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it. This year it actually went rather nice.
Yesterday we watched three die hard movies. I’d never seen them. Better than I expected, truthfully.
Mari and I downloaded some old games, like bubble bobble, lemmings, and sam and max and amused ourself while
Dad tried to figure out who Tom was on his newly created myspace page (for some reason.)

Dad’s cooking a Ham now, which promises to be quite good, much to the shame of my screaming inner Jew.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

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Monday, December 24, 2007

I’m absolute crap at holidays, by the way. I’m celebrating in summer next year.

When everyone least expects it, their asses are getting christmas and chanukah presents.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I suppose I’ll just start posting these rolleis in a general order. Here are the first five from amherst, from this summer.

Sort of introspective, I suppose. I always take pictures without people in them at my mother’s house.
I wonder why.

I’ve had some rum. Chilling with my sister.
We played speed chess, ten seconds per move.
She beat me both times. And I’ve lost scrabble four times and won once.

I may be bad at games, but I’ll keep playing. Do you hear that?
I’ll keep playing, love, I’ll keep playing.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

People wonder why I’m so interested in video games. Here is one reason why:

The technology that has come out of videogames (and hardware created for games) has created innumerable new possibilities for interactive art. Of course, much of Lee’s videos aren’t inspired by gaming media at all, and I suggest you check them out.
As an artist, the only thing more intriguing than interactive media is life as art: installation to acts of art.

The responses to my last post in copyright were especially interesting, and if you are into user usurped/created content at all, or anything on the issue, reading there might be informative.

There was one image response that I found pretty hilarious though.

Moving things along, here are the last couple pictures I’m posting about Sean’s upcoming short. A couple quick portraits.

Soon I’ll be posting film scans, I’ve got 150 rolleicord shots that I’ve finished in the past week. Many of these could be considered part of the Gray Days project, I suppose.

I’ve just finished Dance Dance Dance by Murakami, the first of his books that I’ve read that was a direct sequel to one previous. I suppose it was satisfying to revisit his character, though it wasn’t as hands down amazing as the one before it, Wild Sheep Chase. I did find his discourse on “advanced capitalist society” and “shoveling cultural snow” interesting though. He’s got a way with words, of course.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Important Post on the Issues of Copyright

Recently there has been more added to the ongoing debate on photographs used online without permission.

Photographers in general seem to be overwhelmingly in support of Lane Hartwell for sending a bill for a usage of her photo for a couple seconds in a youtube video.

I’m going to start this off by saying that as an artist I survive primarily from my photo work. I’ve shot everything from commercial tabletop to weddings, set photography for films to having gallery shows. And I’ve had images taken for commercial use (which I care about) and posted in places as strange as 13 year old’s myspace pages and porn messageboards (which I don’t care as much about, except as a matter of surreal social interest).

I agree that it may feel weird when you see your image in a place without knowing it would be there beforehand, but I think it is MUCH MUCH more important to defend the ability of art to be as CREATIVE as possible with as FEW roadblocks in its path. Commercial use is another thing entirely, of course. Lane is quoted as defending her image from unapproved commercial use, but to me, this obviously is not the case.

picture has nothing to do with this post. (c) 2007 who gives a fuck (me. please don’t sell tampons with this picture)

Video art and sound art, especially modern experimental work (as well as documentary work, where independent filmmakers trying to show something important to the world often get stonewalled by a copyright issue, trying to find some archival footage copyright owner), thrives on mashup culture. To me, this is a clear cut case of a professional going after a non-profit group of people having a little fun in their time off work, trying to make something creative. I think it’s very petty. The idea that she got a lawyer to harass a group of a capella singers who made a funny youtube video is ridiculous.

What about appropriation? Hasn’t it been heavily defended in art?

Haven’t many famous photographs been produced of other photographs, including some of the best selling of all time? ( eg. Prince’s marlboro photograph)

Isn’t photography itself one of the most heavily contested mediums, for “stealing” other artist’s or organization’s images and using them? Aren’t photographers often protesting someone trying to get them to stop taking pictures of their buildings, sculptures, faces, etc?

With the internet comes the next level of this debate, and I see it as one that traditional art and copyright is set to lose. Artists will do whatever it takes to make whatever points they want to make, as trivial or earthshattering as they may be.

To conclude: of course I like money for the use of my image. And of course I like credit, especially if money is not an option for the user.
But in this case they did make a huge effort to give credit (after a reminder). I see them as clearly on the right in this particular case.

I say use it to your benefit and don’t end up lost with the flow.

I want to add that I think in different circumstances the response of the photographer should be appropriate.

Some examples of unapproved use and what response I think is appropriate:

Corporate ad – Send bill or use legal action

Editorial usage(in a publication for sale) – send bill or use legal action

Website usage for corporation – Send bill or use legal action

Newsletter/email/etc for corporation – Send bill or use legal action

Website for nonprofit – send email asking if they knew they forgot to ask, possibly compensation if they are able, ask for credit

Non-profit publication – ask for credit, possible compensation

Arts non-profit publication (zine) – ask for credit

Arts usage (appropriation, gallery, mashup, etc) - ask for credit

Internet video – ask for credit, postdated royalties if video ever becomes popular and makes large amounts of money (never)

Myspace, livejournal, imageboard (such as, etc – laugh, post credit yourself as anon, stop being such a stickler and realize the internet is always going to be a den of scum and villainy. Go have an ice cream.

Also posted to Copyright and Photopros. Some interesting discussion there.

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