Monday, June 30, 2008

Mary’s Sneak Peek

Unretouched shots straight from the scanner, some quick film work for Mary’s portfolio, just so she can have a visual of her senior work. You can see the rest of the super rough scans on flickr, if you’re interested, though they will be down once I’ve finished working on the final images she selects.

If you’re wondering what I’ve got left to do to them, it generally goes in this order: Crop off the border remnants, dust spot, levels, curves, then misc retouching on a by image basis. I prefer to leave things as natural as possible, but sometimes I can fix minor screw ups.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Winter 2008


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Friday, June 27, 2008


TURN – Shotgun Space Los Angeles

This Saturday, June 28th, 2008

From 7 to 10 pm

Brian Widdis / Johanna Reed / Kurney Ramsey / Greg Wasserstrom / Noel Rodo-Vankeulen / Paul Herbst / Ian Aleksander Adams / Charity Vargas /Zack Genin / Aline Smithson / Maury Gortemiller / Alex Van Clief /Marilyn Galosy / Jacqueline Truong / Casey Coy / Shari Simonsen / Lydi aMcCarthy / Paul Pescador / David Weiner / Katie Dexter / Thomas Macker/ James Lundstrom / Molly Garvey / Kasey Andrews / Libby Dierker / Ian Hunter / Star Rosencrans

2121 San Fernando Road, Suite 11, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sex, Love, and Google Trends

Google, I love you.
Blatantly stolen image illustrating google loving.

Google trends brings up some interesting questions, if not really supplying many answers on a macro scale.

For example, lets see how many people are searching for sex and how many people are searching for love, at least on the most traceable level:

1. Philippines

2. Singapore

3. Australia

4. United States

5. Thailand

6. Canada

7. India

8. United Kingdom

9. Sweden

10. Mexico

Sorting by love (red), it seems the philippines are at the top of the list. Perhaps in Tagalog love means the same thing as sex? I do not know.

1. Pakistan

2. Viet Nam

3. Egypt

4. India

5. Indonesia

6. Morocco

7. Turkey

8. Greece

9. Malaysia

10. Saudi Arabia

Sorting by sex (blue), do we learn anything?

It would be easy to posit that there is some kind of sexual repression in these areas, or that people have certain priorities, but I’m not sure these ideas could really be backed up with this data. I’m not an analyst, of course.

On Slashdot, a post mentions: “Google Trends is being used in a novel way in a pornography trial in Florida. Under a 1973 Supreme Court ruling, ‘contemporary community standards’ may be used as a yardstick for judging material as unprotected obscenity. This is a very subjective judgment, and so Lawrence Walters, a defense lawyer for Clinton Raymond McCowen, is using Google Trends to show that, in the privacy of their own homes,more people in Pensacola (the only city in the court’s jurisdiction that is large enough to be singled out in the service’s data) are interested in ‘orgy’ than “apple pie’.”

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving In!

We’ve got all our stuff inside the house and have started unpacking. It’s a huge mess, but I feel great about it. I wasn’t sure how best to show you the house, but we’re going to give video a shot. This was the first thing I did after waking up, so here’s a small disclaimer: My cheap point and shoot really distorts faces. Also I don’t like talking to video cameras, so I sound really nervous, seem to be holding my words back, slurring and saying uh a lot. It gets a little better as it goes on and I wake up. Beth thinks it’s cute, but I think I sound very weird. Also, not the best auto light compensation in the world, so I had to start a new video when I went inside.

I’ll be putting my address in a friend’s only post on livejournal, so if you read me there, you will be able to see it. Hope you are all well. I intend to have daily posts coming again soon and we may do a serious tour when we’ve got the place set up.

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