Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photoshelter Photographer Website Survey

Photoshelter recently conducted a large survey of image buyers about what they like or hate about websites.

These are people who look for stock photography or really any sort of image that works for what they are doing – technically, there is a similarity here to curators and appropriators, though we look for a bit different things in a website. For those of you looking to make your website include a stock archive (preferable at times to letting anyone else take a cut) this information is extremely useful.

For the rest of us, there are still a lot of good opinions here (I hesitate to say data, since it’s probably not a super scientific survey, though it looks meticulous). They are all presented in a pdf that photoshelter will email you about five seconds after giving them your email. It’s chock full of graphics, tables, and information like this:

Tolerate/Like this feature Hate this feature
Flash-based introduction to your website 4% 96%
Textured or graphical backgrounds 6% 94%

I think many of you will find some of the things they found surprising – such as the 58% of buyers who look for images on photographers’ personal websites. I think most people assume they absolutely must be with one of the big three stock agencies to consider being part of the market.

Trust me, some of this stuff is universal in the art website world – not just for people with stock databases.

“Photographers spend WAYAY too much time making sites look cool rather than focusing on functionality.”

“Don’t resize my screen, I HATETE it.”

“I hate automatic music. If I want music I will go to iTunes or play my iPod.”

“I MUSTUSTUST be able to get a JPG of your work to create a comp.” – This is true for me as well, I need the jpg so I can do a feature on your work or put you in a folder for something I’m curating!


And so on – you can see that there is a lot of frustration among the image consuming public. Believe me, I feel their pain.

Now, keep in mind that photoshelter has done this entire thing (And made it available) as part of promotion for their own website platform – so it’s possible you should be taking this information with that perspective in mind. Still, I’m sure they want their product to be as successful as possible and it’s nice that they shared their corporate research with the rest of us and freely. As a company, I don’t know them intimately, but it often seems that they understand a lot about the internet that some other places just don’t.

If you guys have any questions about what people in the art and education world look for on a website (which is often a bit different, I can tell you know most stock buyers don’t give two shits about artist statements but a gallery probably will at some point), feel free to shoot them my way. There was already a fair amount of good advice in Mary Virginia Swanson’s Lecture and there has been some great discussion on the subject at Too Much Chocolate’s Emerging Photographer Forum as well.

Some of my advice would include having absolutely NO watermark (a feature on your work just looks tacky if I post it with one) and having some sort of tight edit of your main projects (of course, “tight” depends on the project – some are perfect with around 100 images, some require just one) with a database available in a second area (or even site, I don’t mind having a flickr link if I really want to see all of an artists past work).

Remember, of course, that my interests in viewing websites are distinctly uncommercial.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MoMa Infiltration by Jennifer Jacobs

While I was at SPE I starred this post in google reader so I could mention it later. Jennifer Jacobs, a new favorite artist of mine ever since I saw some of her advertising alterations, recently underwent a transformation for a performance – supposedly as research for future projects, which gets me even more excited. Here’s a video and some text from her post – you can read more about it there.

Guard #2 from jennifer jacobs on Vimeo.

“I decided to pose as a security guard at the MoMa. This was both something of an experiment for future public art projects, as well as a way to push my personal boundaries. I knew it would be somewhat challenging, due to the fact that the majority of the guards there are very large, very imposing looking men. To compensate, I put a lot of effort into my costume. I spent about 2 and a half hours on Wednesday at the museum doing basic reconnaissance.”

“I stayed as a guard for roughly an hour and during that time, several people asked me for directions, one family commented about my job, and I told a few people to get off their cellphones while in the gallery, which to my surprise, they actually did. I eventually got brave enough to walk around areas with other guards and even started making eye contact with them and nodding in their direction when we passed. They generally responded positively, I think I only aroused the suspicion of one female guard towards the very end. The hardest part of the whole piece was forcing myself to walk slowly, especially around the other guards. I was surprised how well it worked just to act like I belonged there.”

This reminds me of my old tactic of walking around with a paper in my hand while in government, school, or corporate buildings. As long as you have a piece of paper, walk briskly, and stare straight ahead people tend not to bother you. I feel like I may have gotten the idea from a movie or something – but it works.

You can read more about Jennifer’s project at her blog (and you might want to subscribe so you can learn about future hijinks in a timely manner.)

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three Upcoming Lectures at SCAD – Colleen Duffley, George Kartis, and Joyce Tenneson

Here are three lectures coming up at Savannah College of Art and Design. Honestly, I try to make all I can but I often miss them because I get so caught up in my own work – and they are sometimes scheduled during my classes or work hours. However, if any of you out there are really interested in knowing something about one of them, let me know and I’ll do my best to cover it for you. SCAD Style events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

April 8
“Capturing Style: A Photographer’s Perspective” Lecture by Colleen Duffley
Wednesday, 11 a.m., Pei Ling Chan Gallery, 322 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Savannah, Ga.
For 25 years, Colleen Duffley has circled the globe photographing people, places and things for Metropolitan Home, Neiman Marcus, British Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful and Volkswagen. Her inspiring use of light and detail in her photographs brings stories and scenes to life with personality.

April 16
“Chiaroscuro: The Use and Relevance of Light in Different Aspects of Creation” Lecture by George Kartis
Thursday, 2 p.m., Pei Ling Chan Gallery, 322 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Savannah, Ga.
Fashion photographer George Kartis discusses chiaroscuro and how the lighting technique inspires photographers, painters, sequential artists and sculptors. Since 1980, Kartis has been a professional freelance print and fashion photographer and artistic director whose stories and portraits have been published around the world and have appeared in international fashion magazines.

May 6
“A Life in Photography” Lecture by Joyce Tenneson
Wednesday, 6 p.m., Pei Ling Chan Gallery, 322 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Savannah, Ga.
Haunting, ethereal, pensive, mystical – all of these words describe the photographic style of Joyce Tenneson. Her pictures command a complex and intense emotional response from the viewer, which has made Tenneson one of the leading photographers of her generation. Tenneson tells stories from her 40-year career as one of America’s foremost fine art photographers.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art Calls For Entries – April 2009

I haven’t had the time to do a more complete list for April, but I think most were already posted on the Calls for Entry from March. I tried to bring as many as possible over for here, but in case I missed one, check there for more submissions blurbs. As always, email me if you see any more that look interesting.

April 1st – Land Sea Air by SPS

Student Work that falls under Land/Sea/Air


April 1st – Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Grant 2009

A $10,000 grant  will be awarded in early 2009 to a worthy emerging photographer whose work is on the highest level. Funding would be designed to support continuation of  this photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission  or purely personal artistic imperatives.


April 2nd – Rhizome Commissions Program

The goal of the Rhizome Commissions Program is to support emerging artists by providing grants for the creation of significant works of new media art. By new media art, we mean projects that creatively engage new and networked technologies to works that reflect on the impact of these tools and media in a variety of forms. Rhizome defines emerging artist as artists who exhibit great potential yet are not fully recognized within their field. Commissioned works can take the final form of online works, performance, video, installation or sound art. Projects can be made for the context of the gallery, the public, the web or networked devices. The call for submissions is open to both national and international artists.


April 3rd – Norderlicht Photo Festival

All submissions must relate to the theme of the festival : “Strijd”. The Dutch word strijd has many uses and can be translated as: match, competition, contest, dispute, strife, controversy, conflict, struggle, wrestle, fight, battle, combat, war. The title of the festival hasn’t been decided yet, but we aspire to address struggles in all guises.
These are all possible approaches to the theme. Read more

Submitting – conditions and directives on the website

April 9th - C4FAP: “Works Of Man”

With “Works of Man”, The Center for Fine Art Photography seeks to chronicle the drive to build, destroy, manufacture and dismantle, that resides in all of us. Images from the tallest building to the smallest child’s toy, the newest electric gadget to the oldest tool from the earliest people, truly anything created by the minds and hands of humanity will be considered for the show.


April 10th – SRO Photo Gallery Solo Show

The SRO (Standing Room Only) Photography Gallery at the TTU School of Art has a long history of providing emerging artists their first solo exhibitions.  Each year young photographic artists, from throughout the United States, working in all the various media in which photographs can be made, submit work for consideration by the SRO Committee.  Consisting of the Photography Faculty, MFA photography candidates and the Director of Landmark Arts, the Committee annually reviews the work of nearly 100 artists to select only eight for solo exhibition.  A typical year will present a healthy and diverse mix of photographic subjects, techniques, contents and media.


April 10th – Houston Center For Photography 27th Anniversary

Juried exhibition Call for HCP Members.


April 11th – Fairy Tale Open Call

The theme for this Open Call is “Fairy Tale”. Artist is asked to create his/ her own narrative and expresses own Fairy Tale freely in any kinds of mediums.


April 12th – Brenda Taylor Gallery

Please send up to 4 JPEG images of recent or available work to be considered. All mediums considered. Please include your bio, artist statement, and contact information along with a SASE. Ten finalists will be included in a one week exhibition. You will receive a phone call with more details, upon acceptance.


April 15th – The Appalachian Photographers Project

The Appalachian Photographers Project showcases the work of emerging and established photographers who work or live in the area and have created a significant focused body of work. The APP region encompasses nine states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.



April 20th – SECAC Call for Papers Deadline

The Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of art in higher education through facilitating cooperation among teachers and administrators in universities and colleges, professional institutions and the community served by their institutions.


April 20th – Great Outdoors Photo Contest

By National Geographic and PDN – Both Amateur and Professional Categories.


April 20th – Photographer’s Forum 29th Annual

This one is kind of a joke sometimes, because almost everyone gets at least a finalist and it seems their objective is to sell the hardbound books they print – but if you need to build your resume or think you have a good shot at winning their hefty cash prize, go for it. They usually look for pretty, lit, crafted, commercial looking “art” work though.


April 24th - Desoto Row Gallery: “Surface”

To honor the talent and achievements of college juniors and seniors, Desotorow presents Surface, an exhibit that introduces the work of emerging artists.


April 24th – Magnitude Seven

An International Competitive Exhibit of Small Works


April 28th – C4FAP Portfolio Showcase

Fifteen photographers will be chosen to display their
twelve-image portfolio in The Center for Fine Art Photography’s Portfolio ShowCase Volume 3: Book and Online Exhibition.


April 30th – Fotoblur Magazine

Seeking photographers who would like to see their photos published in our upcoming summer issue. All submission will be selected by the community and editors. Fotoblur Magazine is an artistic, progressive photography publication which focuses on promoting up and coming photographers.


April 30th – Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

Alys Beach is pleased to invite digital artists to submit original works for the Second Annual “Digital Graffiti” Festival at Alys Beach, a juried digital art competition and display.  All works and subject matter will be considered for the competition and display during the 2009 festival, which will be held on Saturday, June 6th.


May 1st – Photographic Center Northwest Print Sponsorship Program

The Photographic Center Northwest Printing Sponsorship program provides free printing in B&W, RA4 color, or digital to selected artists to complete an already-conceptualized project or project-in-process. Every year, PCNW’s Gallery Advisory Committee will choose 2 artists to participate in the sponsorship.


May 1st – Women In Photography Project Grant

Women in Photography, co-founded by Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips in June 2008 to showcase the works of female fine art photographers, is pleased to announce their first project grant, funded by Lightside Photographic Services/ and co-sponsored by LTI. The $3,000 grant award will provide funding to one photographer to support project costs.


May 1st – New York Photo Festival 2009

The New York Photo Festival will once again honor talented photographers from all over the world whose exceptional work breaks new grounds visually, intellectually and aesthetically. The Awards will give these visual artists the opportunity to reach key decision makers in the photographic community and the editorial, fine art and commercial worlds.


May 1st – Hey Hot Shot

Hey, Hot Shot! offers unrivaled opportunities for emerging photographers to have their work promoted online, reviewed by top-notch panelists and exhibited in our New York gallery. Now entering its fifth year, the international competition has been lauded by curators, critics, educators and journalists.


May 4th – Forever Hold Your Peace

The New Orleans Photo Alliance is seeking documentary, fine art, and conceptual photographs that explore the theme of weddings. Photographers are encouraged to submit images that portray or comment upon the traditions, customs, symbols and the rich human tableau surrounding wedding rituals.


May 6th – Light Impressions

The theme is “Light” – Open to any and all images shot with your camera phone.


May 15th – Photographic Center Northwest 14th Annual Photographic Competition Exhibition, Photo-Op, Juried by Jen Bekman

Selected entries will be exhibited at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle from July 13th – September 4th, 2009. First, second, and third prize winners will take home $1000, $500, and $250 respectively.


May 22nd - Art Of Photography Show

A world-class international exhibition featuring all forms of photographic art — images shot on film, shot digitally, unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, photograms, etc. The Art of Photography Show will be exhibited at the two-level Lyceum Theatre Gallery, a perfect venue for exhibiting a large showcase of awesome photographic art.


May 25th – Lehmen College Art Gallery Call for Artists

Lehman College Art Gallery is looking for work that is broadly described as portraiture for our exhibition Beyond Appearances. The exhibition will explore identity in a broad range of media and less conventional styles.



May 27th – Axis Gallery 4th National Juried Exhibition

Juror, Janet Bishop, curator at SFMOMA


May 29th – A Sense Of Place

The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art is currently accepting entries for its 29th annual juried fine art competition, A Sense of Place 2009. Open to all U.S. artists ages 18 and older working in the following media: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and mixed media.


June 5th – 2009 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

The Adobe® Design Achievement Awards celebrate student achievement reflecting the powerful convergence of technology and the creative arts. The competition — which showcases individual and group projects created with industry-leading Adobe creative software — honors the most talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers, and computer artists from the world’s top institutions of higher education.


June 19th – Open Society Documentary Photography Grant

Eligible photographers must have already completed a body of work surrounding issues of social justice, and would use the grant in partnership with a non-profit organization, NGO, or a community-based organization as a means for enacting social change through photography.


June 26th – “What’s The Big Idea?”

Seeking entries for its 7th annual international juried art show, “What’s the Big Idea?” to be held November 6 – December 3, 2009. Artists 18 years and older, working in all 2-D and 3-D art media, are invited to submit digital entries. The exhibition is limited to original artwork created within two years of the entry date. Artists should consider the theme, applying concepts considered to be visionary, lofty and bold. The exhibit is open to the general public and artwork must be viewable for all ages. Prizes include a $2,000 purchase prize as well as numerous other prizes. Entry fee is $35 for up to three submissions.


July 1st – The Competition in Digital Arts

The Competition in Digital Arts brings together artists and digital art communities to promote both digital technology through the arts, and the arts through digital technology. Students are especially encouraged to submit their works to the Competition in Digital Arts. The competition consists of two categories. Short films should not be longer than five minutes. Animation should not be longer than three minutes.



July 16th – PDN/Blurb Photography.Book.Now

Photography.Book.Now is a celebration of the most creative, most innovative, and finest photography books – and the people behind them.


???/ongoing – Ian Aleksander Adams Blog

I figured that I’d add myself to this list – I’m always looking to review and feature new work. Just send me some jpgs and some text about what you do in an email. That simple!

???/ongoing – X-TRA Artists’ Projects

X-TRA invites artists to submit original ideas for direct-to-print artworks for publication. Proposals should address the content, context and format of the magazine. Selected projects will be allocated up to four pages in an upcoming edition of X-TRA. Proposals that incorporate a web-based element for publication at www.x-traonline.org are encouraged.Submissions must include a complete description of the proposed project, an artist’s statement, representations of previous work, and the artist’s contact information (name, address, phone number and email). Send proposals to: X-TRA, Artists’ Projects Committee, PO Box 41437 Los Angeles, CA 90041. Please direct questions to editors@x-traonline.org. Email submissions will not be considered. Include an SASE if you would like your proposal returned. Rolling deadline. Students are not eligible.

???/ongoing – Cerise Press

CERISE PRESS is an international online (with forthcoming print) journal of literature, arts and culture based in the U.S.A and France. The journal, published three times a year, includes poetry, poetry in translation, interviews, reviews, essays, art and more.

Each issue features several selections from photographers’ galleries. We accept both black and white and color work, and read submissions year-round on an ongoing basis.

Please visit our website for guidelines: http://www.cerisepress.com

Contact: Greta Aart, Sally Molini, Karen Rigby

???/ongoing – Entopic Group

The work showed here is a mix of invitations and submissions. Submissions are always open and are welcome. When we receive enough work we will put group shows online. If you think that you would fit in please submit your work for consideration. There is no theme. Send us an email to entopicgroup@gmail.com with a short bio, some info about the work that you are submiting and up to 8 jpegs of your work.


???/ongoing – Eyestorm Submissions

Since its inception in 1999, Eyestorm has attracted many of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists and photographers, including Damien Hirst, Abigail Lane, Anoushka Fisz, Marc Quinn, Helmut Newton and Jeff Koons.

Eyestorm has also been active in nurturing new talent in original painting and sculpture through Britart, which Eyestorm acquired in 2003, and which has now been fully incorporated into Eyestorm.

Eyestorm will continue to promote work by established and emerging artists, both online and through changing exhibitions at our gallery.


???/ongoing – Women In Photography

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. If you are interested, please submit five (5) jpegs and a short statement from a body of work to: submit@wipnyc.org.

Please submit images @ 72 dpi, 550 pixels wide, sRGB, JPG format. Rename your images “myname_title.jpg, etc.” No zip files, please.


???/ongoing – Ahorn Magazine

Photographic works:
About 8 – 12 photographs from a single body of work
Sized at 450px in height, 72dpi, jpeg format
Please label the files with your name and numeration. Like this: name_lastname_1.jpg
Please attach also a short statement (with title, if relevant) and your bio

Written works:
We are always looking for articles, essays and book reviews.
Please attach a brief summary of your proposal and your bio.

We would be happy to review your book and photo-zines.


???/ongoing – Flak Photo

To submit your work for consideration, email your photograph (sRGB JPG format, minimum 1000px on the longest dimension) with title and place of capture including city, state/province, country and year to photo@flakmag.com. Contributors are encouraged to include their website URL with their submission.


???/ongoing – We Can’t Paint Blog

Noel also accepts submissions from photographers as well as ideas for interesting articles to showcase on We Can’t Paint. There is no guarantee that your work, article, etc, will be featured on the blog but don’t hesitate to try. Send all submissions with the subject line: “Portfolio” to noel@nrodo-vankeulen.com. [Also, watch the blog for Wassenaar Magazine's next submission cycle.]


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Noah Kalina and Zoe Strauss

A couple images from my feed (where I just sifted through about 1000 posts from the last couple days):

Williamsburg Still Life

Williamsburg Stil Life – Noah Kalina

man on stairs reclining in aptweb

After Odalisque (my title) – Zoe Strauss

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick Note – Too Big To Fail


Whoever registered and parked TooBigToFail.com was a genius – and I wish it was an artist and/or me.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

SPE: Kyle Ford – The End and the Flight Home

So the conference is over. The final night concluded with dancing and photo booths in the Regency Ballroom. This was really a chance for all of the artists to get together and mingle without business on the mind. It was also a chance for us SCADites to catch a glimpse of the famed Steve Bliss moves. Steve is the Dean of Fine Arts at SCAD and he cuts a rug like no other (sadly no video here folks). Overall I think the conference was a great success. A yearly get together like this is extremely important for keeping the world of Photographic Educators such a tight nit group.
Now it’s back to the lab to continue printing, processing, and researching. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the conference that maybe weren’t answered between Nate’s, Ian’s, and my blog. Cheers.



- Kyle Ford

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Monday, March 30, 2009

SPE: Mary Virginia Swanson Lecture – Video by Kyle Ford

Below is about a 10min video of Mary Virginia Swanson’s talk at on Sat. at SPE. I wasn’t able to catch the whole presentation because I was busy showing support for my thesis committee chair, Tom Fischer. More on his image maker presentation to come when I get back my SD card from Ian. But take a look at Swany’s lecture and make sure to listen closely at around the 5 min mark. You’ll here a little shoutout from Mary to yours truly and Aesthetic Consciousness. By the way, thank you Mary if you are reading this ;). Enjoy everyone.

- Kyle Ford

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deadline Reminder – Elizabeth Heppenstall’s Fashion Face – Now!

Beth is doing a project that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a camera or webcam and attitude. Gooooorgeouusss!

Hey everyone, I’m doing a project for my alternative media class and need some help. The assignment is to do a subversive fashion project and mine will include as many pictures as possible of people making a “model face”.


I’m trying to include lots of photos of people from outside the normal (skinny, symmetrical, young) model category. I’ve been going up to people and asking them to pose and, though they tend to feel silly, they usually say yes.

I’ve gotten a lot of great pictures so far but for my project to work the way I want I’ll need a lot more. So, if you could send me a picture of you, and anyone else willing, giving the camera that silly “I’m bored, I’m hot, and you love it” face that would be great!


This does not have to be done with a great camera, you can do it with your web cam or camera phone or anything.You don’t need to touch them up at all either, this is about real people, pores and all. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the demo pictures either – you know what is meant by “model face”. The finished product will be published online and possibly in an installation.

Thanks gorgeouses!


Send your pictures as as high a resolution as possible to beheppe@gmail.com!! Deadline is sunday afternoon! This sunday

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

SPE Portfolio: Matthew E. Clowney


Matthew E. Clowney (Website), MFA graduate from RISD and currently an educator in several venues, showed me a few projects this morning. We also had a really good little chat about my ideas on fear and photography (but that’s a totally seperate future line of thought.) Matthew didn’t have any prints on him, but showed me his work on the laptop. His had a clear screen and, as I’ve said before, I’m not a print fetishist, so I didn’t mind this.

He also was the best prepared person I talked to – since he was ready to give me a big pile of jpgs right off his thumbdrive. I didn’t have to wait at all or do any googling or screenshotting to be able to share his work. Since I’ve got so much of it, I’ll talk a little about a few different projects (The shot above, part of a self portrait series, was from when he accidentally nicked himself with a blade while shaving – “you know how some things just bleed.”)



Matthew had a fair amount of self portrait images. I picked out these two because I enjoyed the reclining position. When asked about it he told me that it wasn’t really something he always does consciously – he just happens to sleep like that. I like seeing softly approached self portraits of guys – posturing gets old really quick, but it’s a lot harder to find softness and vulnerability visually offensive.



I wanted to put these two images in, from a large body of family portraits, because I think they’re good examples of how to handle composting – there is no reason you have to shoot people in the studio in order to shoot them separately. Having done portraits of groups myself before, I can appreciate this approach – it’s certainly frustrating to get everyone well in one image, though the process can result in some really lovely moments. I don’t find these as interesting, in general, as some of Clowney’s other work, but you can tell in the higher res files that they were crafted well and the individual portraits were approached with a good sensibility. As a bonus, check out those big arms and black cats!



In the last series pictured here he went into strangers’ homes (with permission of course) and photographed himself playing the role of a guest overstaying his welcome while they went about their lives. Notice that they haven’t set the table for him in the second image – a nice touch that he was quick to point out.

On his website, there is also a charming little picture timeline, documenting himself from a fresh faced kid to intensely long haired young man and then shaven baldy. Anyone familiar with my highschool days (and then subsequent performance art during college) can probably understand why this is hilarious to me.

Aaanyway, this is the last portfolio I’ll be able to update before I hit my flight back to Savannah. My immediate focus on landing will shift a little (I haven’t seen Beth for a few days and I’ve got some hefty assignments to finish for school and a magazine) but I promise more updates are just now cresting over the horizon.

Stay Tuned, Sportsfans!

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