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For Sale: Mamiya 645 AFD Camera, 4 Lenses, Back, Bag and Film

The Camera, Back and Two Lenses are Still Available

Mamiya Sale - 645 AFD Body Lenses and FilmFor Sale: Medium Format Camera Kit

Ian Aleksander Adams –

413.530.3634 –

I’m selling my complete Mamiya kit. Contact me through phone or email if interested.

It works amazingly with digital backs, though only a film back is included here.

It’s my favorite camera, which is why selling it has been so hard, but the truth of things that I’m not a commercial photographer right now.

As such, the thing has only been really used for about one year and mostly in bag for the rest of the time.

No cracks, problems, or any other issues. Tested right before we took the pictures. Just a bit dusty from sitting in storage, but nothing a little canned air and a lens-cloth wouldn’t clear up in a jiffy.

The 120mm lens in particular is the best lens I’ve ever used. The others are very very nice as well.

Everything is pictured as is, the exact items you’d be buying. Documentation is included in the camera bag. No original boxes.

I did some brief touch ups to remove some digital sensor spots from my friend Zach’s camera and to keep the background from having too many distractions from the foamcore. I didn’t bother removing the dust from the equipment, but I couldn’t resist making the pics look nice – old habits die hard.

If you’re in Savannah, I’d be happy to run you through all the equipment and give some tips.

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Mamiya 645 AFD Medium Format Camera Body

Professional Camera body.

Accepts film backs, Polaroid backs, and high resolution digital backs.

You can keep your settings while switching backs, so if you get an extra it makes reloading film with an assistant super-quick.

Auto focus lenses and very dependable auto exposure settings.

Quick to focus, and continuous focus is the best I’ve ever encountered.

Nice clear viewfinder.

Takes regular AA batteries.

Paid $2,547.98

Mamiya 120mm/220mm Film Back W/ Insert

Accepts 120mm and 220mm medium format film (220 has twice as many exposures)

Paid $557.62

Mamiya 645 AF 80mm 1 : 2.8 Lens

The 80mm is a “Normal” lens for this medium format camera.

Excellent for a variety of uses.

Paid $1,290.00

Mamiya 645 AF 150mm 1 : 3.5 Lens

The 150mm long lens is perfect for portraiture and has a great focal range – making it usable even in compact studios.

It’s got a weird felted surface in the interior, that’s the texture you see there. I guess it limits light bounce?

Paid $1,349.25

Mamiya 645 AF 35mm F3.5 Wide Angle Lens

The 35mm wide angle is great for shooting in tight spaces or to get a more dynamic look to an image.

It’s also got a quick change ring between manual and auto focus.

Paid $1,498.00


Mamiya 645 Macro MF 120mm 1 : 4 Lens

Probably the most beautiful lens I’ve ever used, can do amazing close ups and is super sharp.

My absolute favorite tabletop lens but also great for portraiture and non-macro work.

I am going to miss this lens.

Paid $2,290.00


Tenba Prodigital D15C Shoulder Carry Gear

Bag fits all this equipment perfectly.

From the documentation: “Up to 15″ Laptop, Motorized Camera Body, 4 Lenses, Flash, and up to 20 Media Cards”.

It also holds pens, misc items like business cards and pins, a lightmeter, and a book or two if needed.

Yes, there is a small gray patch on the top – not sure what caused it.

Paid $223.93


Shipping will be calculated based on exact weight, distance, and speed desired.

Ian Aleksander Adams –

413.530.3634 –

Example Shots

Website Links:

Barking Irons – Shot with a few different lenses, attached flash. Gritty look desired by client. Film.

Bad News – Shot with 120mm lens on film. Post processed (adobe design achievement award in nyc, patting my own back)


These were all shot with this EXACT camera, on film and digital, with the various lenses here.

The Onion shot, my most famous one, was shot with a digital back and 120mm lens on this camera. The Cat’s Eye shot was also with a digital back and 120mm.

Call me at 413-530-3634 or email me at if you’re interested.

My name is Ian Aleksander Adams, as you can see from the web address.

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