Exposure Therapy


Exposure Therapy is the story of a semi-fictional alter-ego, Alexi, including both online and physical information and performance. It is strongly recommended that you explore before reading. This text is to serve as documentation of the project, not explanation.

It is a multilayered project, an exploration of the nature of anonymous information as produced and distributed. It hopes to entice visitors to view seemingly banal content and to force them to ask themselves, among other questions, “Why am I watching this?”

About Alexi
Alexi does not talk and does not smile (almost a polar opposite of Ian.) He offers no explanations for his actions and at times it is unclear if he is documenting or being documented. He exists in a barren and utilitarian setting and has no clear nationality. The accounts created offer no location or contact information besides an email at the domain, though they all leave the content public and able to be commented on.

About the Information
The files are named in a predictable but generally uninformative manner, such as day_001_file_l001. They are posted daily to a flickr and youtube accounts and selections are posted weekly to a livejournal account. Statistical data is collected and formed into graphs posted at the main domain, though it is not clear exactly what they are tracking.

Initial Goals
Several initial goals were made at the conception of the project. Some of the goals can be thought of as the character’s goals and some can be thought of as artist goals, though the distinction may blur. The term “document” is used loosely, since the work is arguably fiction.

Here is a basic timeline of the project.

Class Discussion
This project was brought in for critique and discussion for two classes at Savannah College of Art and Design: Experimental Video and Installation Design and Photography Project Seminar II. The in-class discussion was heated and very useful but unfortunately not documented. I do have the final critique from my photography class, which was my first introduction to the Darko Maver project, something I found extremely interesting. I also was able to convince my video class to do my final discussion online.

Influences and Similar Projects
Here are some creative works that were influential during the conception of the project, were found while working on the project, or are closely related in theme or content. This list is by no means comprehensive.

Credits and Thanks