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Team Project, two week time limit. All projects to address the word/concept “Revelation.”


Breakthrough is a piece designed to challenge our notions of “revelation.”

It questions the preciousness of the white wall in art culture as well as the magnitude of our relationships with constructs and material possessions.

Destroying the white wall is a mutinous action against its power.

Seeing past this first stage, viewers find the image of the sky and the surrounding land, which is designed to elicit thought about our disconnect from the landscape, made even more blatant with the use of a photograph taken on a cell phone camera.

This image is the view outside the building which the installation exists in, facing in the direction of the audience.

This first stage may be considered a physical and mental revelation in itself. However, after the image is exposed it is then ripped down from the wall and another white wall is revealed. If one desired to actually view the landscape, a series of walls would need to be torn down, tunneling through the building to the outside, a perceived reality. But once there, would the viewer really be wall-less?

It’s possible that in the end we in fact went nowhere, only from one homogeneous white surface through to another. But also, a revelation might only be a step in a process, a journey between one point and another with no firm destination.

Cory Scozzari asks, “If you end up where you started is it worth the journey?” Elizabeth Heppenstall postulates, “Doesn’t one revelation only continually lead to another?” and Ian Aleksander Adams thinks “Perhaps reveling in the process of questioning itself might be the true path to enlightenment.”


Color Photographic Epsilon Print

Wood, Screws, Nails, Corner Supports, Electrical Outlet, Drywall, Drywall Tape, Spackle, White Paint

Photograph taken by Cory Scozzari and Elizabeth Heppenstall. Printed by Ian Aleksander Adams.

139 inches by 120 inches (in eight strips)

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