ASDF One Dollar Grant Performance:
Reading Marx’s Biography

Original Project Proposal Text:

I will read the biography of Karl Marx and use the dollar bill as a bookmark, taking pictures of the book during my progress as record of the performance.

The book is a slightly beat up, blood red, copy of Isiah Berlin’s 1939 biography, reprinted by Oxford University Press and Time Incorporated in 1963. I found it at the town dump in Leverett, Massachusetts.

I will sit down to read the book and use the dollar bill as a bookmark when I rest, eat, defecate, or make love to my girlfriend. It is possible, however, that I will continue reading the book during any or all of these activities.

When I set the book down with the dollar bill bookmark I will take a picture with a digital camera. These pictures will be available as singular print images and/or animated in gif format showing the dollar’s sporadic progress through the pages.

When I finish the book I will take a picture of the dollar bill marking the place against the back cover. Then I will glue the dollar bill within the back cover. This will mark the end of the performance and the creation of a secondary art piece.

Other Documentation: