Tumblr Tuesday


In early 2012 I decried the spread out web presence of most professionals and decided to Tumbl directly on Facebook. The result was a five month long action named Tumblr Tuesday.

What started as a simple deluge of reblogged images evolved into a participatory recursive performance between multiple Facebook denizens, a flurry of screenshots, UI design, inside jokes and complaining bystanders – all absorbed and png’d for the next tuesday. It ended with a Spreecast event featuring 20 or special guests attended in part by about 1800 people. The video record of Tumblr Tuesday Live was then lost when Spreecast accidentally deleted their data. At this event, arts educator Matthew Gamber presented a performance essay which is partially archived here.

A lot spun out of the process, including a Tumblr Tuesday facebook page where everyone who likes the page is instantly added as an admin. This page is often renamed according to individual whims, and hasn’t ever been under my control, though I have participated. It currently has about 160 administrators.

While Tumblr Tuesday ended up consisting primarily of actions (comments, likes, pokes and other Facebook specific interactions), over 5000 screenshots were generated through the process. These are still being uploaded to Friendster Friday, which is limited by the Tumblr queue limit of 50 images per day.

Friendster Friday was started partway into the process and it was not uncommon for screenshots of Friendster Friday to also end up back on Tumblr Tuesday. It was not uncommon for screenshots of Friendster Friday screenshots on Tumblr Tuesday to end up reposted back on Friendster Friday once they were been posted on Tumblr Tuesday.