moth temple

“The Moth Temple Film Festival has arrived. I see it as some next level critique and collaboration. Originally a response to some weird trolling/parody/crit of Moon Temple and Alt Lit in general, we’ve taken the idea of disjointed youtube response videos and run with it, now incorporating meta textual techniques of several kinds and youtube tropes like off topic rambling and let’s play videos. Feel free to join in this game of video telephone.”

From the site:

To participate in the Moth Temple Film Festival make a youtube response video to the latest video in the series. Try to incorporate as many of the previous videos in the series as possible. Upload it on youtube as a video response to any of the videos in the series and then place the link to it in the ‘submit’ slot on this page. Your video may have been submitted at the same time as another, if this is true and we decide to publish a different video first we will contact you and indicate a revision of your video is needed.