Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I found this peice of paper and typed it up verbatem (except for the age, that wasn’t on there)

Ridiculous Rhymes
By Ian Adams
(age 7 or something)

I knew a ghost named Mr. Toast who lived on the
        coast in a wreck.
He liked to knit, but he had a fit when he knit a knot.
        What the heck!

A calf found a half of a plum on his thumb.
And kneeled on his knee, and said, “I’m a crumb!”.

The lamb wrote a note with some chalk to a flock
Of geese, and he cried, “Wren won’t knock, knock,

I have a knee. Oh I count three!
How could that be? Do come see.

When I knead some bread, I use my fist.
Then I twist my wrist. Then I hit my head.

Mr. Finn went to climb a cliff and got stiff.
Hurt his limb and got slim,
Waiting for help from Ms. Kim.

I used a knife to cut my meat.
If I’d known I’d drop it on my feet…
I would have not had meat to eat!

I’ve written these rhymes for you to read.
Don’t know why I did it. There was no need!

Some of these could be considered so dirty, if I wasn’t a little kid. o.o

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