Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In my dream, Carolin and I stared in a movie by joss whedon, which was sort of a reality show, because I was just hired to shoot something, but then was put in an immersive world. My character was a photographer, but later got trained to become a hero, etc.. the idea was that my pictures would be posted on a website, etc, along with the movie, as the character’s pictures. The movie was canceled though, before I woke up, and I was simply paid 1000 dollars for the day of shooting, not allowed to keep any of my photos, and left not sure if it was my fault or not that the movie didn’t work. I sort of miss the fantasy world.

In real life news, but no less surreal, I got a call from National Geographic yesterday. They said their name and that they were calling from national geographic, asked for Ian Adams and told me it was about a photo of mine they published a couple years ago. I asked them if they were sure they had the right Ian Adams. Apparently she had found me on google, and my website and work was good enough, at least, for her to think I might have been published in national geographic, so she called my cell phone. She was, of course, looking for the other Ian Adams, which I told her, and let her go. Seems like almost every photographer I know wants to be published in national geographic. It’s never really been one of my goals, but I admit, it tickled my fancy a bit to be called by them, even if by mistake.

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