Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I almost just got hit by a fuckin tree. I heard the thunder and ran out of boundary hall with my camera gear on my back. I have to bike because my car is in the shop. It had just started drizzling, but the sky was DARK. I knew that my gear would be ruined if it got soaked, and savannah has fucking monsoons, man. So I jumped on my bike and peddled like a fucking madman. I was going down the road at breakneck speed, was almost to the dorms, I could tell it was going to start really coming down soon, I was almost there, under the first bridge, when I hear CRACK, and a tree, right in front of me, comes right down, way out into the middle of the road. Maybe 3 feet from me. I don’t even stop, I go right around it, out into the middle of the road, and past the cars, and skid into the annex, under the security check booth overhang, spin out, stop facing the other direction, upright and right as I do this the rain comes down in buckets, literally solid rain like you see in movies. But I’m safe under the awning. I bring my bike through the building, lock it up, bring my backpack in with the help of Buck’s umbrella, and sit down.

and take a hit of my ventolin. wheeze. hoooboy.

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