Monday, July 3, 2006

My trip to Chicago was very nice, and pretty relaxing, for a one day, two travel day, 4 plane jaunt.

On the way there, I met an attractive young lady in MN, who works in the marketing division for McDonalds (which is apparently a government job, according to my Navy pal Larry, who I sat next to on the second plane). She was going to Chicago to see nine inch nails, something you could immediately assume from her curly blonde hair and ready smile. Anyway, it was fun talking with her and I ended up with her number and email, promising to find a copy of the original Oregon Trail computer game and get it to her somehow, as we both missed it. Chances are I’ll never see her again, but it made the layover pleasant.

On the plane I chatted with Larry, in uniform and on his way home to see family, friends and his two year old daughter. We talked about some stuff he told me was top secret, so probably not best to put on the internet, but he’s going to be on one of the brand new submarines as soon as they get finished, and they do some pretty crazy stuff.

Sam’s reception was very cool. He had already been married in Hawaii, but this was an easier place for family to meet, etc, and it was a restaurant with a nice hip light Asian cuisine. Very good. And France won, while I was there.

His wife’s family was extremely hospitable, and the stay was very pleasant. The father was gruff and lovable, the mother always seemed ready to offer a sandwich and everyone really seemed to care for each other, especially with all the joking around. Gave me hope for a family of my own some day. I’m sure Sam will be very happy.

Trip home was uneventful. I finished a second book, and ate some bananas.

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