Friday, September 8, 2006

was just told today that three more of my photos will be in issue 35, which even they are surprised about, but it’s an unnamed judging, so it does happen sometimes I guess. Even more exciting, even though I didn’t actually get first, second, or third, I received 19 Honorable Mentions in 8 Categories in the International Photography Awards (, and even though I didn’t get a Lucie, it’s a bit like walking away with 19 Academy Award nominations, well, maybe a little bit.

And I’ve just gone across the country again, down the east coast, to the sav. I’m back, that’s right. School is starting on the 13th, though I have to start shooting stuff for the paper as early as next morning. I’ve done three storage runs, and still have to get my bookshelf.. I can’t live without my books.. and I can’t live with them in boxes. People act like I have a lot of books, but I had three full length shelves that I left in storage at home.. When I own a sweet apartment I am going to have a library, no kidding. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of shit to unpack, and I’m only about 5% done. Oh college.

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