Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Lumix came today. Overall, it’s a nice little camera. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with JPGs from a consumer grade camera though.

Here is a shot (uncropped, it shoots 16×9 images) I took while testing the camera.

The default colors are pretty vibrant. Same with contrast. I don’t like the sharpening or the noise reduction.
However, it shoots RAW so as soon as AdobeRAW has support for it, I’ll be using that (not a big fan of the included RAW program.)

Of course, the real test is how it works for people in low light. I wanted a camera I could bring to social events.

It seems to have a built in “Party” setting. This is my roommate Brian trying to do his industrial design homework.
Looks like the default setting works ok. I’m sure I’ll figure it out more as time goes on..

The last consumer camera I had was 2mp and had a “take picture” function. This one is almost overwhelming.
I’ll figure it out.

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