Thursday, November 9, 2006

fell. right now my entire life is a quest for acceptance through positive and negative feedback. For example, without a positive, correct kind of feedback through a certain loop, I can’t move on to the next action or even acknowledge the passage of time (much of which may contain more information that would be important to have if I wanted to, for example, make a decision.). So each decision or acknowledgment , hereafter called dcak, cause it’s easier for me to type, hah hah ahah. so each dcak splits up a block of time. I see in solid blocks instead of smoothement. Highly detailed blocks, like an oil painting instead of a thumbnail for a movie, like a Raphael oil painting, very linear see, very easy to understand sheeee?


so I can’t have on single moment.

am i still at this?

is this ice quesasdilla really good?

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