Saturday, November 25, 2006

I’ve got a new (old) camera! It was my grandmothers, then my mothers and now mine. So it’s been in the family a while. It’s probably due for a check up. The ground glass has a crack in it (won’t effect the images), and I had to clean some dust off and out of it. I’m going to buy some film right now and I’ll be testing it today. I’m very excited. I’ve never been a camera collector, but getting a high quality older camera like this as a gift will always make me excited (plus I was sort of in the market for a 6×6 medium format camera).

It’s a Rolleicord V, made between 1954-1957.

Production Serial Numbers: 1.500.000-1.583.999.

My Camera is #1.511.106

Lens: f3.5 Schneider Xenar #4008733 (I’m pretty happy about this)

Shutter: Synchro0Compur MXV. 1-1/500 B&T.

Filter Size: Bayonet 1.

“This is the only Rolleicord with a large focusing knob on the RIGHT HAND side. All previous models have the smaller knob on the left hand side. And all subsequent models have the large knob on the left. EVS system. MXV synchronization. Film type reminder on the focusing knob, coated lenses and bayonets on both lenses.”

I think I lucked out on having this particular model drop into my hands. I don’t really like that the focusing knob is on the left on the earlier and later models, and this one has flash support and a sweet ass lens. The earlier zeiss lenses aren’t as sharp, actually. So yeah, sweet little camera.

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