Monday, August 28, 2006

This ending is so sexy

I need to see the stars again. One of the only live shows that I’ve actually been consistently aching to return to..

Tonight was good. Channel 102 screening, which was attended with Meryl, Tim, and D. Field (who was actually pried away from working on whatever photographic genius he was working on, for at least a moment. Glad I got to hang with him again before I’m back in savannah). Smo and a friend of his also made it, but we didn’t meet up with them till after.

Tim was there, so of course there was stealth drinking on the streets of Gotham. The verbose nature of this entry is probably directly proportional to the amount of the good captain that went to its timely end down my gullet, especially the last half liter, consumed, as it was on the train back to the Bronx. I’m not sure why I decided to finish it off instead of saving it for another time, but it seemed like a good idea not to bring it into my grandparents house, at least, not bringing it outside my shell corporeal.

Summer, as a whole, has been good. The city, of course, is the best. It always will be. It almost comes as a surprise that I miss savannah so much. I miss the beach and turner annex pool, surprisingly. Maybe it’s just because I’m ripped as all hell this summer, and I haven’t gone to the beach once, which part of me feels like is a shame. I don’t really care though, but it would be nice to not have a bit of a farmers tan for at least a short while.

I’m really enjoying the swashbuckling epic that is the Baroque Cycle, by Stephenson. I’ve always been sort of into the “natural philosophy movement” and it clicks so nicely with the rest of the political intrigue and bladed violence of that time period. His writing style has always been fun anyway, so it’s very high on my favorite escapist literature list right now. Entertaining, but smart, very smart.

Keep that story funny
Have a happy ending
Make the female sexy
This ending is so sexy

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