Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thanks for everyone’s kind words about the haircut. I’ll try and reply to all the comments when I can, stuff is still crazy right now. I just needed a change and I told my friend Joelle to just do whatever she thought looked good. I like it, I think. To those of you that miss the long hair, it will grow back.. maybe. I don’t know.

I ordered the computer parts I need too, we decided to go with newegg. Should be fine.

Anyway, and more importantly,

ianaleksanderadams.com is up!

There are still things to be tweaked (Some of the images are cropped wrong or need to be adjusted to look better on black ground, The random script still doesn’t always refresh, the cv/resume is just temp listing copy pasted from my profile, etc), and feedback is appreciated.
It works best for me in firefox and I made it at 1280×1024. It probably still doesn’t look good in 1024×768 or lower.
but all the galleries should work now.

I think I like it that the text is small and sort of hard to read, because I find it less distracting from the images. I always find text distracting. I dunno. I can change things with the navigation bar pretty easily because it is in a separate frame.

PS. Savannah kids!! There are two free shows tonight. I’m serious so serious! One is a cute litle gal touring who I saw in brooklyn and she plays some badass gameboy 8bit experimental music shit and seriously someone come with me to the show.

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