Monday, February 26, 2007

One of my photos is currently being featured
on the Savannah College of Art and Design website.

It’s crunch time now. Two weeks left in the quarter.

I’ve got a pinhole camera to make
(I’m going to do a two 4×5 panoramic camera that can be converted to a sort of 3d illusion camera.
Not sure yet how it’s going to work though, haha)

A cyanotype to make from a digital transparency.
A salted paper print to make from an 8×10 BW negative.
Four lit on location shots with different models for my portrait class.
Two more galleries to add to my website, and some modifications to make to every gallery and my CV.
Two gallery shows and two photo contests to submit work to.
A whole bunch of district work.
A large amount of behind the scenes and event photos to process and throw up on facebook.
Some kind of flash thing for the website class
although I refuse to include any actually on my website).
Shooting a fiber major’s portfolio.

And, oh, important, figuring out what I’m doing over spring break!

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