Sunday, March 25, 2007

Posted three polaroids from my batshit nuts trip over spring break on myspace.
I don’t have that many pictures of me, but all the other ones should be online next week. I took a lot of polaroids and rolleicord pictures.

pic 1 – molly shot of me eating at hardees on the first stretch up to dc
pic 2 – rin took of me on the greyhound bus on the way to northampton
I count those two as self portraits I guess, I set the camera but there is no way to click it myself.
pic 3 (above) – last night in brooklyn, shot by eve at sinead’s apartment.. some girls’ birthday party.
She kept asking me to look intense, or fierce or something, and I was cracking up. but she got that one.

I think I might have spent every night in a different state, except for two in a row in ny.

I’ve got an apartment in harlem for the summer, going to be splitting a room with rin.

bed+shower+myowncomputer+86degrees in savannah+bethandzachariahgreetingmeatthetrain=lovelovelovelove

starting tomorrow the photoblog will be updated again, daily.

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