Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I just dropped off the 50 rolls of film I shot in israel, yesterday. I’ll be picking up the developed rolls today.
I couldn’t afford to get contact sheets, prints, or scans from them, which is fine because I can scan it myself
and make contact sheets when I get back to SCAD, for about 60 bucks instead of another 600 dollars.
They actually gave me a deal, taking 50 bucks off because I brought so many rolls. It only cost me around 200 bucks to develop them all.
Considering the trip was free and I only spent about 200 bucks there,
under 500 dollars for a 10 day trip to israel including film
really is pretty damn good.

I’ve dropped the 500 or so digital shots onto my computer,
but it’s going to take a while before I’m done processing and sorting those as well.
That’s fine though, I’ve got about a week or so of pre-israel stuff that I haven’t posted yet.

Instead of trying to type up one whole trip summery,
I’ll just be posting descriptions and anecdotes along with the pictures from israel.
Not sure how many I’ll be posting in each day, probably each day of the trip will take me several days to post,
seeing as we’d be at 4 or 5 places every day. It was insane.

Today I’m going to share some quick snaps of my dad and mom from father’s day weekend.
My parents divorced when I was 10 or so, and are totally crazy.
But I love them anyway, in that strange family sort of way.

I’m not really kind to them with my camera, I’ve always been sort of rough on them.
They really do look good for people over 50, keep in mind I’m sort of mean with my lens.

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