Friday, July 20, 2007

Breathe, Ian.

When I went through the airport on the way to israel, I was pulled aside. Random checking, I was told. They took all my stuff, took it all out of the bags and checked everything. My guess is they ripped open my rolleicord without knowing what it was, because it seemed to not close quite right after that. I just put it down to being paranoid or something, and went on using it like normal, since I’d never had any problems with it.

Well, about 80% of my film seems to have some sort of lightleak on it. I’m guessing it’s the camera, since I can’t figure out what else it could be. I asked the president of the ASMP chapter yesterday and he guessed the same. I don’t see how it could be processing.

It’s just such a weird shape though. Usually light leaks look more like this . This one seems almost too mechanical to be made by a simple crack in the camera.

I’m not sure how the leak could zigzag like that. If they had put the film through X-Rays (I told them they couldn’t), it would be an overall fogging, I think. If you have any ideas of how it could have happened specifically, let me know. Looking through the camera, I can’t find where the leak would be at all. I just can’t figure out how it could happen any other way, unless someone shined like, a focused lightpen on them during processing or something, which is totally weird.

It’s going to take me a long time to see what I can salvage out of these. They’re still fine as memories and snapshots, I guess, but I’m upset that I’ve lost the ability to use a few of them as something more than that, unless I can squeeze acceptable images out of photoshop.

Edit: well, they didn’t damage the camera (or just damage it) they x-rayed all my film. G’damn.

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