Saturday, September 15, 2007

Check out this sentence:

To explore and express this unprecedented condition, artists found innovation itself to be highly emblematic, especially since it now involved charging images, objects, tempos, techniques, and physical as well as social perspectives from the quotidian world with aesthetic significance, until they would constitute conventions as endlessly malleable and regenerative of both forms and meanings as those of classical renaissance orders.

I think I know why textbooks put people to sleep. It’s not because the subject matter is boring. The words aren’t even boring. I enjoy waxing polysyllabic myself, on and off.

It’s the sheer wall of syllables. When a wave of words like that washes over you, it really is like listening to the ocean. It just carries you away in a daze.

Which is probably why, when people really want to drill something in, they use tiny words. Not because people can’t understand big words, but because they pierce into your skull like bullets.

Art is love.

Not that a simplistic sentence makes more sense, but it is easier to resonate with people

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