Saturday, December 22, 2007

People wonder why I’m so interested in video games. Here is one reason why:

The technology that has come out of videogames (and hardware created for games) has created innumerable new possibilities for interactive art. Of course, much of Lee’s videos aren’t inspired by gaming media at all, and I suggest you check them out.
As an artist, the only thing more intriguing than interactive media is life as art: installation to acts of art.

The responses to my last post in copyright were especially interesting, and if you are into user usurped/created content at all, or anything on the issue, reading there might be informative.

There was one image response that I found pretty hilarious though.

Moving things along, here are the last couple pictures I’m posting about Sean’s upcoming short. A couple quick portraits.

Soon I’ll be posting film scans, I’ve got 150 rolleicord shots that I’ve finished in the past week. Many of these could be considered part of the Gray Days project, I suppose.

I’ve just finished Dance Dance Dance by Murakami, the first of his books that I’ve read that was a direct sequel to one previous. I suppose it was satisfying to revisit his character, though it wasn’t as hands down amazing as the one before it, Wild Sheep Chase. I did find his discourse on “advanced capitalist society” and “shoveling cultural snow” interesting though. He’s got a way with words, of course.

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