Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bad News Preview


Bad News.
Installation, W/Sound.
Images on every wall, ceiling, and floor.
Each Image,

From my personal ramblings about this project, when fleshing out this idea:

“Room Covered in Prints, dark, dark entrance. Lit through the prints (transparencies?), possibly. Dark, even to the point of losing detail in the hair so it looks like the faces are just coming through the darkness.
Doorframe at opposite end of room, into room of all white, with blinding white lights near the frame, so it glows, very inviting.

The room is supposed to be challenging. The images are supposed to be gritty, not really aesthetically pleasing, harder to look at, yet possibly intriguing at the same time. People whisper their stories of their first moments reacting to horrible news, the sounds overlap and come from all walls, behind every image. It’s almost overwhelming. possibly cathartic, overall

The door at the end is a reminder that although we have horrible things happen in our lives, there is a way out, and we can move on. Literally, it is a choice to put the bad things behind us.

It could also be said to be an escape and allow people to turn away from the tragedies (both minor and major) that surround them.

At the same time, the viewer can stay in the room for as long as they chose, and try to sympathize and understand the pain of others. They can explore the emotion on their faces and try their hardest to hear their individual stories. “

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