Monday, June 11, 2007

First Day In Harlem

I’m here.
And alive. Pretty much set up in harlem.
Except for a few minor things like bedsheets and a desk for our computers.
I finally got my internet up, after a bit more than a week.
my first day of work was today as well.

My dad looking eerily similar…

grass by headlight

a ghost.. :-(

just my shit. seriously rin didn’t even get there for two days. that’s not even all of my shit.
(in the room, we aren’t even talking the stuff down in storage)
There’s like no boxes now though. I don’t know how we did this. we are truly bohemian bumming it
but it’s actually really a nice room.

we found two dressers and a shelving unit. we need a desk really badly. or two.
rin being a grumpy troll. me playing snes roms on my computer cause I was sick of unpacking shit.

me being a boring troll (note the room being a bit more organized)
oh by the way my grandma took me to her italian barber in the bronx an he did something to my head
I don’t understand it (or socks)

uh rin took this while I was prancing around doing my best derek zoolander without realizing he’s never seen that movie.
it’s too bad rin had the camera set on jpg and crap setting, because I’m pretty sure my expression is 100% ridiculous.
I’m retarded. also that’s his gay ass shirt. I could never pull that Ricardo shit off.

I miss you.
What’s going on guys? Anything important that I miss? There are too many lj entries for me to really read them all.
hope you’re well.
Wanna hang out in the city? I’ll be in MA this weekend, too, if some of you are home.

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