Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Studio Roughs Soon

Shot a lot in studio today, 8 models, for posters that will be used in Sean Leonard‘s upcoming film, and to promote it. They’re going to be advertisements for cell phone companies, looking like they are directed at mainly developing countries.

Though they will mostly have the kind of sickening kitsch normally seen in such advertisements, there will also be a subtle constructivist style to them, nodding at communist propaganda. I’m pretty excited to see the final versions, especially since the poster for his film is going just be one of these cell phone advertisements, huge, in some foreign language.

I’ll be posting the unretouched roughs (I’m not actually doing the graphic design part, thankfully) soon, probably tomorrow. For now, enjoy the last shot of the day, an outtake of me. Oh. I’m also going to be doing an interpretive dance as an inmate from a mental hospital in his film. Look forward to it.

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