Monday, July 23, 2007


I just had a nightmare where I kept trying to take this picture and people kept walking through my shot, or the model would move at the last second, or someone would bump my camera out of focus, or someone would move one of the items in the picture and I knew it was a perfect picture but I never managed to take it. And the whole time someone was yelling at me to hurry up, and getting on my case that I was taking so long for just one picture when other people shot tons of pictures and picked out the best ones later, and I eventually cracked and yelled back at them that I knew what I was fucking doing and if they just cooperated then I’d actually be able to get the shot and they’d see, but everyone just looked at me like I was crazy and I never got the shot, and I woke up feeling extremely frustrated.

posted by Ian Aleksander Adams at 12:23 am  

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