Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On intimate and important moments

sometime in june, 2007

Recently a girl said to me, “I bet you take a lot of naked pictures of your girlfriends.” When I replied that I really didn’t, she seemed surprised, almost shocked. People tend to assume that this is what photographers primarily do. Love and sexual relations are very important to me, though, and there tend to be two types of important experiences in my life: The kind that I must rush to find my camera or pen and capture (often private reflective moments [see below] or snippets of everyday life) or the kind that is too important to distract myself from.

The second kind does not often get photographed. When I remember these moments I remember them as if they are dreams, oddly perfect, surreal, romanticized moments. These memories lift me up, though I know they are idealized. I also know that when I was actually experiencing those moments the entirety of life was idealized.

This image is a rare type of image for me. I hardly remember taking it, a playful moment with another person’s camera (phone?), a chance framing. But when I received it in an email months afterward, it took my breath away. I understand why people want to take pictures of their intimate moments, they wish to remember them, always. Still, I feel no need to show nudity in my work or photos I take for myself. Between two people connecting on such a level, every moment has the potential for intimacy.

Pardon my ramblings.

Here is an image that I do remember taking. I stared at this light for some time, water running down my back, before I realized that I might perhaps capture it. I was alone in my family’s massachusetts home for a few days, where I took that tree image that I posted recently as well. The pictures from this short time are all rather introspective. I wonder if shouldn’t live alone in the woods for a bit.

august, 2007
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