Thursday, October 11, 2007

On(ward) Bikes

Here is a random polaroid from june or august, 2007

Today I’m out of debt on my credit card. Well, mostly. Compared to the 3000 dollars that have been on there since last year (school related emergency charges), give or take, I’ve now only got 40 bucks on there. It feels really good. I’ve only got 20 dollars in my personal expenses account (uh food), which doesn’t feel that good, but really… I cut up my card a couple months ago and I’m glad of it. I still know the number if I really really need something, but I’m trying to use it as little as possible.

I did have enough cash to get new tires for my bike today, which is good. My old ones were just about dead, rotted out. My new tires are all black and the bike looks sleeker than even before. I actually went ahead and ordered a freewheel for the back, going to convert it into a single speed. Without the derailers and casings and those extra gears it’s going to be just a little lighter and even simpler looking. Simplicity with bikes is beautiful, I’m not going to go so far as having a fixed gear though. At least not on this bike.

I just realized that you probably haven’t seen my bike. Ok, went and took some quick pictures.

It’s an old huffy. I got it for 20 bucks from Johnny B and only had to put some tape on the bars and fix the breaks.

My favorite part is this team america decal.

The downside is that three hours flew by while Jamie (great little guy in a boy scout shirt who works at Bike Link) and I were tinkering with it this morning, trying to figure out a weird skipping thing that was going on. It happens when I ride in the hardest gear, the 14 tooth one. We couldn’t figure it out, though, so I’m just riding one easier until I can convert it. It was nice learning a bit more about my bike, but I missed my academic advising meeting. oops.

I’m going to see if anyone wants to get lunch specials at some chinese place with me, I’ve got some hardcore cravings for asian food right now.

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