Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ideally this is me in a few years. Just chillaxin.

I’ve managed to get everything together this weekend, finish up a job, and create some great art with beth, make 20 prints for my book class and 18 prints for personal vision class, each of which required only 10. Things just came together at the end, although I am up at four AM, which I suppose isn’t healthy.

Images images images. I’ve got so many images! Who looks at photographs, anyway? I certainly don’t feel like I look at much 2d art these days, I’m so busy trying to get mine in order. I do tend to still inhale music, video, and word, though.

Beth and I made three notebooks of writings and drawings, three paintings, many photographs, several mixed media pieces, large text poster art, a video, and computer documents plus created set design, costume, and characters as part of an installation, then sent in the proposal to some galleries. We’re both extremely embarrassed and sort of excited about our baby. It’s personal to a fault, and leaks our hopes, dreams, secrets, and failings. It will probably be called “Permanent Stick-It-Out-Ed-Ness: Our Artist Trip” if it goes up.

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