Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beth visited! Best friends!

I’m thinking about how I want to price my work. Or, more appropriately, not price my work. I don’t want to sell prints. But I do know that when people appreciate something that you create, they want to support you. I want to support other people, all the time. So I think I’ll sell my rent. Something like that. For example, instead of selling a large print for 500 dollars, I will let someone pay my rent that month, which is about the same. Then I will give them a print. Or some other work that they’ve showed interest in. That’s how I think about it anyway, when someone gives me money. Maybe it’s just pedantic, but it feels important to me.

The future of the creative world has been shown by people like the guys at Penny-Arcade or Radiohead, people supporting artists they appreciate in order to keep them creating, even though they’re already getting the creations for free (I’m posting my work up on the internet, for example.)

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