Monday, February 11, 2008

I am so tired right now. You have no idea how tired I am right now.
I was up all last night working on submissions and Fashion Haus work, and then today I had the most inane bureaucratic runaround trying to register for classes.
Since they changed the photography curriculum and I’m a transfer, I just get fucked every time I try to take a class. It’s ridiculous. And I have to keep at it tomorrow.
I just have to shove exemption and prerequisite waver forms in people’s faces, run across the city to get another signature, go back, repeat. All because someone can’t just press a button in the computer, without signed paper in triplicate.

This weekend I had to make 60 prints and 50 sheets. Today I matted a print, dealt with my business card reprints, printed and packaged submissions for three publications, went to two classes, dealt with most of the registering nonsense, met with the graphic designer for Fashion Haus, went to pick up the print, of course the matting wasn’t done… tomorrow I have to finish half the stuff that was supposed to get done today. It seems like I somehow manage to be on time for everything, but no matter what, I’ll never be able to plan for everyone else being a few hours behind, or simply bogged down in some paperwork ruled mess. I’m really not sure if we’ve figured this whole functioning society thing out, guys.

Oh, speaking of that fashion haus stuff, here’s something I accidentally shat out when I screwed up with the magic wand tool, while I was trying to create a rough draft for a design so I could show someone online. Someone will complain that it is too big, and I really won’t care, because I’m just so tired. Deal. It’s the internet. Scroll down.

Kitschy shlock. Oops.

I’m going to crawl somewhere and dream about making grumpy Beckett inspired art.

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