Friday, February 15, 2008

We shot the entire look book today, the 12 selected outfits for the juried publication, several locations, from 6am till 4pm. I’m actually amazed we fit it all in.
Everything fell into place, one model left and the next would show up, or they’d even be early. It was probably the most pleasant fashion shoot I’ve ever been involved with.
I’m extremely glad they supported me in my decision to shoot all natural light and reflector, and I think it’s going to look better for it.
The light was beautiful and besides it being too cold to feel my hands for the first couple shoots, after it warmed up the weather was beautiful.

After shooting 22 rolls of film, though, I’m a little pooped. So, I’m taking a break and here’s a picture beth took of me dealing with, you know, grown man business.

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