Friday, February 29, 2008

Today I’m featured on – which I encourage you to join – with selections made from both my Being Inside and Bad News series.

I’m still working on promoting the Knees Are Weird call for entries, with some updates having been made to the FAQ and Call for Entries pages to clarify a few things. Most notably, I made it clearer that I’m looking for images made with the idea of Knees as a starting point, but not necessarily directly of knees, though I’m certainly willing to receive those as well. Check out the FAQ for a clearer explanation. Let me know if you have any promotion ideas.

Saturday night is the SCAD Fashion Haus runway show, so if you have tickets, I’ll see you there.

You should also check out the work on this site by Youn-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. I especially enjoy this one especially at the end.

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