Friday, November 14, 2008

Al Franken and Jim Martin

Hey guys – this is really important. Both these races are really close – and I’ll probably be on the ground here in georgia trying to get the votes out for Jim Martin. There’s not much I can do besides donate for Franken, but the race is really close, and with all the voting issues that would be corrected upon a recount, it’s really important that we make sure they actually COUNT THE VOTES.

Al Franken is an amazing guy, practically started the only progressive talk radio station, Air America, which gives great news and opinion, and he’s fought on so many important issues. Also, he’s funny as hell and a great speaker, something we could really use in the senate… but since he’s a celebrity, he’s also a cause celeb among the right wing – they’ve been pouring in tons of money towards beating him down.

So give this a thought, see if you’ve got a bit to spare. Those two votes could mean the difference on a lot of laws – and we want Barack to actually be able to enact his policies.


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From: Eli Pariser, Political Action <>
Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Al Franken needs our help
To: Ian Adams <>

Dear MoveOn member,You’ve probably heard the news: Al Franken is just 206 votes away from winning back progressive hero Paul Wellstone’s Senate seat for Democrats. A recount of Minnesota’s 3 million votes begins next week, and an initial canvass found hundreds of previously undercounted votes for Franken.1

Franken has a great shot: political website (one of the most credible number-crunching sites) wrote this week, “Evidence points on balance toward Franken being a slight favorite to win the recount” and possibly “the prohibitive favorite” if all the votes are properly counted. 2

But Republican incumbent Norm Coleman has already gone to court once trying to block vote counting—and he announced that over 100 lawyers will help him mount legal challenges.3 Franken needs money to fight back.

And that’s not the only major opportunity in the Senate. In Georgia, Democrat Jim Martin could defeat another Republican Senator in a big run-off election taking place in three weeks.

Can you help Al Franken and Jim Martin raise the funds they need to win these important races? Click here to learn more and contribute:

Barack Obama will need every Democratic senator he can get in order to pass a bold agenda on issues like the economy, health care, clean energy, and the Iraq war.

Just this week, some top Obama aides went down to Georgia to help Jim Martin win.4 And Al Franken’s campaign announced, “We’re dispatching observers and legal help to every recount table in the state to ensure that every vote is counted properly. And it means that we have to keep our campaign up and running.”

Now is the time both campaigns really need our help. Can you chip in? Just click here:

Thanks for all you do.

–Eli, Adam R., Nita, Adam G., and the rest of the team


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