Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Art Art Art Fart Art Art

I’m almost done editing a series of three video installation pieces for my experimental film class. I got the idea while watching my roommate play monster rancher, of all things. It’s nothing to do with this picture.

I’ve also been steadily updating my list of blogs I read, so you should check in with that periodically. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to add Baby Sinead [nsfw] to that list for so long, for example.

My friend Pear from my psych class sent me a link to this, an advertisement/interactive media creation by Nokia. It’s a great example of well done advertising/corporate work pulling from the avant garde and underground subculture. It’s directly linked to the stop motion that has become very popular on youtube and other video sharing types and anyone with a little connection to videogaming will recognize the classic Breakout and Snake designs.

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