Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art For Obama

Until the election, I will be selling 8x10s of any photograph on my site for 30$. All profit will go to the Obama campaign (or a group like People For The American Way, who are currently working very hard to fight voter disenfranchisement against the poor and young – a huge issue).

All images will be printed on archival paper, the same way I create every other print I sell (well, except for cyanotypes and the odd RA4, but you know what I mean). The paper will be sized 8.5 by 11 or smaller depending on the image ratio – no smaller than 8×8. They will be signed and marked as A/P (Artist’s Print.) I’ll probably also scrawl some personal thanks on the back.

I am not too financially stable right now and don’t have much to offer to the causes I support – and unfortunately what they need most besides volunteers in swing states is money to support those volunteers. If you having been on the fence about supporting, this is going to be the cheapest way you can get any of these prints and most of them will be in editions of one – I don’t often print smaller than 12×12 unless it’s for a book or a promotional print. I will willingly drag up any file from my archives to print, even ones I haven’t printed in years and don’t exhibit anymore.

If you want more to select than what is on my website, I have a flickr and jpg mag account. Any picture. Just email me at with a link to the one you want. I take paypal.

If you are interested in other people offering Art for Obama, check out this Art For Obama site.

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