Friday, May 16, 2008

Do You Really Think The User-Driven Web is Why We’re Ignorant?

Why We Know Less

How about the large corporate media controlled portion of the web? We’re watching. You’re not supplying.

I am now forced to get more of my information from blogs, local around the world. Unfortunately not enough are in my language. It used to be you, large media, who sent correspondents worldwide. But I guess commerce driven media isn’t the best solution after all.

The Story Of Stuff

This is from the comments, but I think it’s worth putting a link up here as well. It’s about consumerist society. It’s short, so give it a watch.

It’s a bit simplistic, but I can understand why. Most of the people she’s talking to have probably never considered these issues before,and I think it tends to be designed to be accessible to children (from the animated figures to the overacting). Nevertheless, it’s worth watching for a quick overview.

The people who have given this a thumb down on stumble because it was “too long”are suffering from a fundamental problem with our current society. We need to be willing to put into the cognitive power if we are ever going to change anything.

If we can’t sit through a 20 minute blurb, how do you expect anyone to sit down and think of a solution?

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