Saturday, March 29, 2008

Even More Website Update

I just updated my website. It’s mostly written pieces.

Let me talk for a second about my friend Dana. She takes dirty gritty images of kids doing whatever. Maybe a lot of people do this, but she’s good at it. I remember being in a class with her and she got a lot of shit for her stuff. Even while terry richardson etc are out there making millions, people in my art school class would tell her they looked like snapshots, they were gross, etc, or more often simply didn’t say anything, just stared uncomprehending.

(c) Dana Lauren Goldstein

But she loved it. She loved doing it. She moved to new york and kept on loving doing it. And oh, hey, what’s this? Saatchi is showing her work?

Do what you love motherfuckers. Even if no one else gets it, do what you love and push it and push it and bring it to the insane levels and keep on loving it.

I love writing crap. I’m not even sure if it’s good, but it represents me, in a way. My crap is now up online. And I love it.

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