Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Like Headless Chickens

I’ve got my last day of finals tomorrow (actually today, I guess, if you are one of those sticklers about late nights and early mornings) and I’m moving on Thursday, so things have been a little hectic. I know you guys are used to little gaps, and I don’t generally feel bad about it anyway, since this is a personal blog, but I do feel a little bad about not keeping up the pace on What Isn’t Art. I’m not dropping it, I promise.

Here’s a picture (actually several pictures, 5 minute photoshopped, sticklers) that beth took of me running around behind Boundary. There were a lot more, it was basically one of those short films, which I may upload later, but I couldn’t help seeing this image again in my head when looking at these four frames. I’m thinking of joining track. I’ve really been working on my form.

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