Friday, November 14, 2008

Pause To Begin – Multimedia and Matthew Gamber

Here’s a trailer for Pause to Begin, which is essentially a modern photography roadtrip.

It’s a nice video, but not heavy on the quick facts. Basically, Ethan Jones and David Wright held a call for entries, after which they traveled around the country finding and speaking to the selected photographers.

They dropped by Savannah to talk to one of my ex-teachers (he’s since left SCAD), Matthew Gamber, whose work I really enjoy. If all these damn websites weren’t flash, I’d feature a couple of my favorites for you guys.

The project they featured of his on Pause to Begin was Countrypolitan, which he talks about in some depth on their site here. Click on Multimedia to hear the interview.

I like how his series is, very honestly, about “looking at things.” I think my work shares a bit with that, although sometimes it may be “feeling moments.”

Here’s another video with Matt, at a show in Savannah. I’m probably milling about somewhere outside.

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