Thursday, November 13, 2008

Playing Solitaire

It took a lot of solitaire, but I’ve got a pretty solid first draft of Gray Days… or whatever I’m going to end up titling it. It’s pretty hard to shake the name, and it seems like almost any name could work.

I’m know some people are wondering what I’ve been up to – and besides the election this has been it.

It’s been really tough, because I want to scan new negatives and actually work on print files for the book, but until this last week I’ve been stuck with shuffling around prints I’ve made from internet sized jpgs – because of this:

That’s my external storage unit, a drobo. See those lights on the right? They are not green, which means I’m in hell. Actually, they are blinking green, so I am in purgatory while it tries to save my data. If they were solid red, I might be looking for tall unguarded bridges.

I got the thing to make my life easier, but about a month ago it crapped out and I couldn’t access any of the four 1 terrabyte hardrives in there. There’s about 1.7tb of work – every digital photograph I’ve ever taken, all my negative scans, book layouts, website code, etc, etc. Scared the crap out of me. I’ve finally got access to the information again, but this failure coupled with having to build a completly new computer after a motherboard failure the week before that has kept me a bit out of the loop. The only thing I’ve really been able to do besides struggling to meet my deadlines has been following the election.

Now the election is over and things are getting calmer, I can focus on some of the other things on my to-do lists. Beth and I shot a wonderful wedding a couple weeks ago, and now I can finally scan all the film and finish the digital shots. I’m sending out half of the Obama fundraising prints (bet you feel proud) tomorrow, and should be done with all of them in a couple weeks. After that, I’ll have a first edition of the Gray Days book up on blurb sometime soon after thanksgiving – I’m hoping to send out a couple copies as holiday presents.

The blurb books won’t be available forever though – print on demand, but a very limited edition. If you own one, it’s one of under ten of each worldwide. I’m going to eventually be making the books small runs on fine art book presses (probably in asia, possibly through a press in the netherlands). I’ve looked into a couple publishers, but I’m just not sure there’s a benefit to having anyone else handle distribution for me. I don’t see my books selling much in barnes and noble anyway – I might as well continue to sell through my website and in person. So I’ll have to do two things: get cash to start a print run without further overextending my student loans, and contact a few people to write introductions. If you’re an art critic, a short fiction writer, a poet, or a delightful lunatic/codger, or perhaps even all of the above, get in touch. I’ve already sent out an email to one highly respected peer, hopefully they will bite.

Oh, beth says hi.

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