Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Internet For You

Stumbleupon (and google reader) has been making it very easy for me to save things that interest me from around the net lately. I’m actually taking it semi-seriously, and trying to save and find good content, because I feel a lot of the stuff on stumble is either basically advertising or pretty fluff. Here are a small selection.
Kotaku has a little blurb on how Penny-Arcade is advertising its new game with derogatory comments from a message board instead of some trumped up review. I’ve always admired them for their contrary to business as usual practices, and this certainly made me chuckle.

Rachel has collected a few images of albino portraiture, wondering if it’s a trend. I’m not sure it’s something that could be considered an arts trend, but it’s certainly interesting to see different people treat the subject. The images are all very beautiful.
I think that portraiture photography in general seeks out more and more obscure subgroups in the quest to bring something new to the medium, though.

Luckily we’re creating obscure subgroups all the time, in this society.

Rob at APE has a quick look Phillip Toledano’s new book on sex workers (with a nod to TA’s much talked about Sex Machines book)

This is work by a professor of mine at Savannah College of Art and Design. They are photographs produced using a television screen, really great stuff, I think.

“A numbered, but unsigned set of sentences which disappears from the screen as soon as the next set is automatically displayed allows the visitor to be the owner of a unique work of art, but only as long as he/she keeps it in mind.”
This piece also displays a beautiful mounting mechanism, I think.

Great article on visual perception and image recognition software. The blurred part of this image is the same in every picture, as well as the car in the background of the bottom left image.
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