Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trans is the new Gay is the new Black is the new Jew and so on

This is not the most aesthetically amazing or well produced video – I am biased against vlogging in general for some reason, which is probably my problem – but I have a great deal of respect for this woman’s bravery and openness. I mainly want to direct your attention to the comments where you will find the dregs of the youtube community are out in full force. I know that youtube is always a haven for the lowest of the low in terms of comments, but it reminds me of things I’ve heard from people who are otherwise educated and compassionate individuals.

Apparently it is still ok to be an ignorant asshole as long as it is directed at Transsexuals. This includes you, ignorant gay rights activist, and you, black power enthusiast, and you, zionist.

We are all part of some kind of marginalized group. Remember when we were the little guy? Oh wait, I don’t, because luckily my forefathers fought in world war two, escaped prison camps, and are thankfully thought of as human beings. They also sat on buses and marched on washington. Oh hey, there was women’s lib as well. But now that we’re all one big happy ethnic and sexually diverse melting pot, it’s a good thing we have a new marginalized group of people to put down to make ourselves feel more normal and accepted.

I can’t think of any group of people that more embody the childhood american dream (You can grow up to be anyone you want!) in a positive way than the transsexual community. These people are also some of the bravest I have ever known. I guarantee that every single one of you kids (especially in art school) knows a transsexual.

You just don’t know it. Why?

They are people. Most of them never mention it in their daily life and after a certain point, hardly think about it. It probably figures into their life, but so does my ADHD or Jewishness or your little differences. They are not hurting anyone. Just like any other group, they deserve life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Remember when Jews used to hide their identity? I still know Jews that seem to not want to mention it. There are plenty famous Jews who have changed their names, even today.

So why the hate? Ignorance and fear, of course. Same as it ever was. I expect it from the self righteous so called majority, but it always really upsets me when I see and hear it from inside other minority groups.

I don’t understand the huge level of hatred from inside the gay community. They fought for the right to love the same gender. They should respect the right to be a certain gender.

It reminds me of the ignorance I’ve personally experienced from members of the black community concerning my Jewish identity. It seems so absurd to me. We have so much to bond over; why focus on the differences?

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