Friday, August 14, 2009

Auto Detecting RSS Feeds in Google Chrome

Firefox has been acting very weird for me lately, not allowing downloads and seemingly not working with Gmail. While I’m sure I could figure out the specifics eventually, I thought it would be a good moment to spend some quality time with Google Chrome and see how I like it.

So far it’s alright, works fast and seems to display everything well and painlessly imported all my settings from firefox, but one of my pet peeves is that RSS feeds don’t show up in the upper right corner of the address bar like they do in firefox, making it harder for me to subscribe to feeds I’m interested in.

It seems that some people have come up with a pretty easy solution to this, which you can read more about here at Read Write Web. I’ve tested the method on a few feeds and it seems to work fine. Thank god!

Here’s an example link using this site’s feed.

So this is well worth checking out if you’re a voracious feed subscriber like me.

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